March 18-19, 2024 |  Nashville, TN.

Healthcare Marketing 360 Summit

March 18-19, 2024 |  Nashville, TN.

Disruptive Strategies to Reach and Engage Modern Consumers

Unleash next-gen tools and consumer insights to transform healthcare and build brand loyalty

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Empower your brand. Engage your patients.
Drive loyalty. Inspire action.

Healthcare Marketing 360 is your hub for insights, trends, and connections.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend

Leverage consumer data to build brand loyalty and personalize healthcare experiences while safeguarding privacy
Empower marketing to lead cross-functional teams in solving complex organizational challenges
Identify emerging trends in consumerism to drive better marketing decisions
Optimize data-driven marketing strategies
Discover Marketing’s role in hiring and retaining for success


March 18, 2024

8:00 AM

Registration Desk Open

8:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Pre-Conference Workshop A

Strategies for Driving Business Growth through Establishing Consumer Experience as a Competitive Advantage

Jared Johnson

Consumer Boot Camp is an intensive, interactive workshop that helps hospital and health system marketers, communicators, and digital strategists develop the skills and knowledge they need to lead their organizations’ consumer transformation. Through a hands-on curriculum, participants learn how to understand consumers, engage with them, and design and build great experiences. You will also develop a personalized action plan to implement lasting programs in your own organization. This workshop is the perfect opportunity for healthcare professionals who are looking to develop the skills and knowledge they need to lead their organizations into the future of consumerism.

  • Identify and understand the key drivers of consumer behavior in healthcare
  • Develop and execute effective consumer-centric marketing and communication strategies
  • Use data and analytics to inform your decision-making
  • Design and build consumer-friendly experiences that drive brand loyalty and improve outcomes

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Pre-Conference Workshop B (Choose 1 of 2)

Unleash Your Human-Centered Design Superpowers: A Hands-On Workshop

Denise Worrell

Human-centered design (HCD) is a creative, iterative approach to problem-solving that puts people at the heart of the process. It begins with deep empathy for the people we are designing for, to understand their wants, needs, and emotions. This leads to better solutions that are more likely to be adopted and used which ultimately leads to greater buy-in, success, and impact of innovative new ideas.

  • Define human-centered design (HCD) and explain its key principles to solve problems in a new way 
  • Apply HCD methods to understand the needs, wants, and emotions of users
  • Communicate the value of HCD to stakeholders and advocate for its use
  • Spark innovation, foster a patient-centric mindset, and encourage cross-functional teams to work together to design products, services, and solutions people want and need 

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Pre-Conference Workshop D (Choose 1 of 2)

Personalization is Possible! A Discussion on How to Approach Personalization in a Healthcare Setting

Keir Bradshaw, EVP of Technology, MERGE

The difference between an effective healthcare personalization strategy and one that falls flat is whether it provides true value to consumers, while also working within the bounds of HIPAA. To do this, it must be backed by integrated technologies that “speak” to one another. MERGE has worked with multiple clients in their healthcare personalization journey. Join us for an interactive session as we share our learnings and discuss the implications of moving from targeted marketing to personalized cross-channel strategy through technology, driving improved experiences across patient journeys.

  • Define personalization strategies through a measured approach
  • Learn how to leverage your marketing technology stack to its full potential   
  • Understand how to break down vendor silos for organizational success

12:00 PM - 12:35 PM

~Lunch on own~

12:45 PM

Main Conference Begins

12:45 PM – 1:00 PM

Opening Remarks

Jared Johnson, Founder and Consumer Health Strategist, Shift Forward Health

1:00 PM – 1:40 PM

Unlock the Secrets of Your Customers; Minds: Develop a Consumer Insights Strategy

Diedra Kramer, Vice President, Consumer Strategy, Sutter Health

In today’s competitive healthcare market, it’s essential for healthcare providers and marketers to understand the needs and wants of their target consumers. Consumer insights can provide valuable information about consumer behavior, preferences, and pain points. This information can then be used to develop effective marketing strategies that resonate with consumers and drive results. In this session, delegates will learn
how to develop and implement a consumer insights strategy for
healthcare marketing.

Define consumer insights and explain their importance for healthcare marketing

  • Identify different methods of conducting consumer research
  • Analyze consumer data to identify trends and patterns
  • Develop effective marketing strategies that leverage consumer insights
  • Share best practices for implementing and evaluating consumer insights initiatives

1:40 PM – 2:20 PM

Market Like a Disruptor: Challenge the Status Quo and Win New Consumers

Jared Johnson, Founder and Consumer Health Strategist, Shift Forward Health

Healthcare marketing disruptors are shaking up the industry with innovative and effective marketing strategies. Paying attention to how retailers marketing their healthcare services is one of the best ways to learn how to compete for the loyalty of modern consumers. Marketing that acknowledges consumers’ elevated expectations helps brands differentiate themselves in a marketplace that’s more crowded than
ever. Take a tour of the marketing of disruptive primary care brands and see how they position themselves with a brand promise that indexes

  • Higher on convenience, accessibility, and affordability. In this session,
  • You’ll learn how these disruptors are using technology, data, and creativity to reach new patients, build brand loyalty, and drive growth.
  • Identify the key trends in healthcare marketing disruption
  • Learn how retailers are positioning themselves as alternatives to traditional care
  • Explore how retailers’ marketing messages are collectively influencing consumers’ expectations
  • Discover how to reposition your organization to be more focused on consumers’ needs
  • Develop and implement effective marketing strategies that reach new patients and build brand loyalty
  • Create a creative brand that stands out from the competition

2:20 pm – 2:40 pm

Networking Break in Sponsor Showcase

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2:40 PM – 3:10 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Choose 1 of 2)

Marketing and Health Equity

Sylvia Marten, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, VNA Healthcare

3:15 pm – 3:45 pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Choose 1 of 2)

Use of AI in Healthcare

Keir Bradshaw, EVP of Technology, MERGE

3:50 PM - 4:20 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Choose 1 of 2)

ITS and Marketing: Creating Digitally Enabled Solutions for Better Patient Access

Sutter Health


Opening Night Reception in Sponsor Showcase

Sponsored by:

March 19, 2024

8:00 AM - 8:30 AM

Continental Breakfast in Sponsor Showcase

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8:30 AM – 8:45 AM

Welcome - Day Two

Jared Johnson, Founder and Consumer Health Strategist, Shift Forward Health

8:45 AM – 9:25 AM

Human-Centered Healthcare: Enhancing the Consumer Journey with Moments that Matter

Denise Worrell, Vice President of Consumerism, Memorial Hermann Health System

In healthcare, each patient’s path is inherently personal and unique, rendering a one-size-fits-all consumer journey approach ineffective. Thriving and securing loyalty in an increasingly complex healthcare environment demands a different approach to recognizing and catering to consumer’s wants and needs. In this session, we’ll explore leveraging the Moments That Matter framework to reimagine how to design and deliver seamless consumer journeys at scale. Learn how to design strategies that meet the core needs of consumers while also considering the needs of providers, staff, and operations. By identifying and elevating these Moments that Matter healthcare organizations can better focus their efforts on enhancing their consumer experience and, ultimately, achieve better outcomes.

  • Define the Moments That Matter framework and explain how it can
    be used to reimagine the consumer journey in healthcare and
    achieve better outcomes
  • Identify the tasks that consumers are trying to accomplish when
    interacting with healthcare organizations
  • Develop strategies to balance the needs of consumers, providers,
    staff, and operations when designing and delivering seamless
    consumer journeys
  • Assess the current state of the consumer journey in your
    organization and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Measure and evaluate the impact of Moments That Matter initiatives on the consumer experience and other key metrics

9:25 AM -

Healthcares Secret Weapon: Marketing’s Role in Hiring and Retaining for Success

Panelists: Amy Comeau, Vice President of Marketing, Emory Healthcare; among others TBA

Sylvia Marten, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, VNA Healthcare

The healthcare industry is facing a number of challenges, including a shortage of healthcare professionals, rising costs, and increasing competition. To remain competitive and successful, healthcare organizations need to develop effective marketing and staffing and retention strategies. This conference session will provide attendees with the latest insights and best practices in healthcare marketing, staffing,
and retention. The session will feature a panel of experts from a variety of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes. The panelists will share their own experiences and best practices, and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and
get advice.

  • Develop and implement a successful healthcare marketing strategy to tackle staffing and retention
  • Identify and attract top talent
  • Create a positive work environment that encourages employees to stay
  • Reduce turnover and improve retention rates

10:10 AM – 10:40 am

Networking Break in Sponsor Showcase

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10:40 AM - 11:10 AM

MarTech and CRM

Danny Fell, Senior Brand Strategist, Optum

Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Choose 1 of 2)

11:15 AM – 11:45 AM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Choose 1 of 2)

Using Marketing to Solve for Population Health

Amy Comeau, Vice President of Marketing, Emory Healthcare

11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

Luncheon in Sponsor Showcase

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1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Concurrent Breakout Sessions (Choose 1 of 2)

Social Listening

Dan Browell, PhD, Chief Behavioral Officer, Discover Feedback

1:35 PM – 2:15 PM

The Data-Driven Enterprise: How to Use Consumer Data to Grow Your Business While Protecting Privacy

Jeremy Rogers, Executive Director, Digital Marketing and Experience, Indiana University Health

Healthcare marketers are facing complex compliance challenges related to digital privacy and tracking technologies. This session will explore evolving trends and identify strategies to balance patient privacy with consumer-focused transformation. We’ll also review approaches to using customer insights and data strategies to deliver more personalized experiences throughout the healthcare journey.

  • Understand the evolving trends in healthcare marketing compliance, with a focus on digital privacy and tracking technologies
  • Explore approaches to unlock customer insights to better engage patients
  • Identify strategies to balance patient privacy with consumer-focused transformation

2:15 PM – 2:55 PM

Cross-Functional Storytelling: The Secret Weapon for Boosting Your PR and Content Marketing Results

Peter Balistrieri, Director, Corporate Communications and Public Relations, West Virginia University Medicine

Marketing and PR teams in healthcare often work in silos, developing and executing campaigns without coordinating their efforts. This can lead to misaligned efforts, redundancies, and unorganized or mistimed messaging, which is never good for a hospital or hospital system. It also won’t be appreciated by executives and physician leaders alike. In healthcare especially, marketing and PR teams can form a powerful symbiotic relationship that must start in the planning stages.

When these two departments work together, they can create and implement more effective campaigns that reach the right audiences with the right messages at the right time. This session will illustrate the power of a marketing and PR partnership in healthcare. It will also encourage delegates to cross the aisle when you get back to your organization and start collaborating more closely with your colleagues in the other departments.

  • Understand how to develop and implement a joint marketing and PR plan.
  • Discover strategies for communicating and collaborating effectively across departments
  • Develop a personal action plan for fostering stronger relationships with your PR colleagues

2:55 PM – 3:10 PM

Closing Remarks

Jared Johnson, Founder and Consumer Health Strategist, Shift Forward Health

3:15 PM

Conference Concludes


Keir Bradshaw

EVP, Technology


Amy Comeau

Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Emory Healthcare

Denise Worrell

Vice President of Consumerism

Memorial Hermann Health System

Jared Johnson

Founder and Consumer Health Strategist

Shift Forward Health

Jeremy Rodgers

Executive Director, Digital Marketing and Experience

Indiana University Health

Peter Balistrieri

Director of Corporate Communications and Public Relations

West Virginia University Medicine

Diedra Kramer

Vice President, Consumer Strategy

Sutter Health

Dean Browell

PhD, Chief Behavioral Officer

Discover Feedback

Danny Fell

Senior Consultant


Sylvia Marten

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

VNA Healthcare

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Be a part of a community of dedicated healthcare professionals striving to transform the industry.

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